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Train Tickets

Flight Tickets

Bus Tickets

Car Rental

Hotels and Restaurants

Road Freight

Air Freight

Sea Freight

Rail Freight

Other Transport Services (Warehousing, etc.)

Furniture (Office Interiors)

Paper and Packaging


Plastic Products

Metal Products

Wood Products

Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals

Books, Movies and Related Services (Publishing, Printing, etc.)

Other General Products (Food Products, Miscellaneous Inventory)

Phones, Television and Communication Equipments

Computers and Office Machineries

Purchased Vehicles (Motor Vehicles, Trailers, Boats, etc.)

Other Machineries, Tools, and Equipments (Drills, Processors, etc.)

Legal, Accounting, and Management Consultancy Services

Hosting, Software, Computer Programming and Other Related Activities

Insurance Costs and Pension Funding

Financial Intermediation (Banking Fees, Charges, etc.)

Construction and Maintenance

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