Who we are

A company that's passionate about leaving the world a better place

With our beginnings as a sustainability app for consumers all the way back in 2014, Carbon Dash has grown into a dedicated climate action discovery platform. 

Founded by a passionate team of environmentalists and technologists, our mission is to provide every business with the knowledge, tools and resources to reduce carbon emissions asap and stop climate change.


Driven by purpose

At Carbon Dash, every day is dedicated to creating a better future for our planet and for future generations. 

We’re headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with a remote team in locations including Paraguay, Philippines and Denmark.

We are focused on the Asian and US markets. 



A decade of expertise



Carbon footprint

Our Values

The environment

Obviously, we love the planet and everything our natural environment has to offer. We want to keep it nice for future generations


We value sustainability in all forms. Sustainability for the planet, and sustainability in business. We all have to make a living


We focus on making our customers successful, so they can reduce carbon emissions. The rest should fall into place


We value growth in all areas - your business, our business, and as people. The only place we don't want growth is carbon levels in the atmosphere!


We value action over words. If our customers have a problem, we will strive to solve it. We want to inspire people to take action.


Thank goodness for coffee. It gets us through our days and onto the next one. Book a call with us and it's our shout!

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