Appin Waste Coal Mine Gas Sequestration

The Results

We all know coal mining is bad for the environment, but the fact remains that coal mining will continue to exist for some time to come, so it is critical to abate and reduce its effect on the environment if we can. 

This project, from EDL Energy, not only captured drained Waste Coal Mining Gas (WCMG) but also utilised a portion of the methane as combustion air in generator sets, to decrease the mine’s greenhouse gas emissions. WCMG, a naturally occurring gas often released during coal mining, accounts for approximately 5% of Australia’s GHG emissions. EDL is actively capturing and burning WCMG at South32 Illawarra Coal’s Appin and Tower mines, which is crucial, as WCMG is 25 times more environmentally harmful than carbon dioxide.

Check out the numbers from this needle moving project.


2 million tonnes abated and avoided CO2


Equivalent cars off the road


Equivalent homes powered