A Welcome Note From Carbon Dash

Welcome to The Current Climate - a climate action blog from Carbon Dash. A little primer on what to expect from us.

Welcome To The Current Climate Blog

Welcome to The Current Climate – our blog that will keep you up to date on all things climate change, carbon credits, carbon markets, ESG, sustainability, climate news… and more!

Our hope with this blog is to successfully mix news about the climate with news about our core business – solutions for reducing carbon emissions. Think of it as providing the motivation and the ability to act upon climate change and reduce carbon emissions. 

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The Current Climate for Climate Action

What is the current climate for climate action?

Climate action around the globe is in a state of flux. The world has just exited the worst pandemic it’s seen in centuries and is now facing record levels of inflation. When things like inflation and a lack of financial stability rear its ugly head, things such as climate change can tend to take a back seat.

One is a bit far off in the future, one is right here and now. 

That is why we created Carbon Dash – to do our part in helping to protect the future. 

That is why we are offering the world’s most affordable carbon accounting solution, and we are also building other things, including our Climate Fact Centre and a Climate Risk Centre. 

We found that while there are greater authority sources out there than us, a lot of the information is found in lots of different places – and some of it is even disputed by other sources (climate deniers). So we want to curate facts and risks – even if its just to remind ourselves whey we’re doing what we do. 

On that note, here’s a few quick facts and risks for you:

We don’t want to be alarmists, we want to make sensible choices in business and for our own future. 

You’ll find climate quotes all throughout our website, and we align with Elon Musk’s quote the most:

“It’s tautological. We must have a sustainable energy transport and infrastructure in the long term, so why run this crazy experiment where we take trillions of tons of carbon from underground and put it in the atmosphere and the oceans?  This is an insane experiment. It’s the dumbest experiment in human history.”


What is our role in climate change?

At Carbon Dash, we’ve chosen to be an active player in the coming climate crisis. As individuals, or as businesses, we can choose to be passive or active in our roles in improving and protecting the climate. 

That doesn’t mean we all have to go out and hug a tree, but if enough people choose to be active, then we actually can make a difference. 

On a business level, governments the world over will soon be making reducing or offsetting carbon emissions mandatory for businesses at all levels. 

And frankly, it’s the right thing to do. 

The Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement are one of the rare good things that governments have done. It’s rare to see 55 countries come together and agree on one thing. 

So for businesses, it would be wise to get involved in the carbon credit market early. Bloomberg has predicted that carbon credits could rise as much as 3,000% by 2029 under tighter rules


In Conclusion

We’re going to try to put a positive spin on things where possible, because climate change can tend towards a bit of doom and gloom.

We don’t want to end up handcuffing ourselves to a tree, or blocking traffic on busy highways or bridges to make a point. 

There are protocols that have been established, and there are ways for businesses at all levels to get involved now to reduce their carbon emissions, and put pressure on their suppliers to do the same.

Over 60% of consumers want to see action on climate change. 

It’s time for businesses to want that too, and at Carbon Dash, we’re going to do our best to help.